An exciting project has begun: a new puppetry school in London, January – March 2016, led by practitioners and for professional theatre makers. The Curious School of Puppetry is investigatory and inspirational. It is grounded in the notion of learning through direct experience from masters of the art.

Our ten-week, two-part intensive course has an entirely hands-on emphasis. Professional puppeteers and directors – leading practitioners in their field – provide high quality training and nurture students as they discover and develop their puppetry skills.

Our vision is for The Curious School of Puppetry to provide a platform for the long-term development of puppetry performance in Britain. It will seek creative ways to grow talent for this wonderful form and will foster individual and collective relationships between existing and new generations of puppet operators.

To support the project and to hear more do get in touch with

Sarah Wright

Artistic Director, Curious School of Puppetry